In the complicated, fast-paced economic environment we face today, it may not be immediately apparent where the magic carpet is. It’s important to get all the help you can to be successful. Finding and optimizing your resources, getting your employees, partners and customers on board, can make the difference between companies that survive and grow, and those that do not.

GADD BUSINESS CONSULTANTS, Business Growth Specialists, has supported businesses and organizations from inception through harvest and all points in-between for over 30 years.

We work with many businesses and organizations in the for-profit, nonprofit and faith-based sectors. Our clients range from micro-enterprises to businesses and organizations with revenues in excess of $100MM. Small and mid-size companies are not big companies. Each has a unique set of challenges and opportunities for successfully growing.

We strongly reject the one-size-fits-all approach in finding solutions. Often we discover creative solutions in one industry that can apply to another.

Extensive personal and professional business experience, combined with our rich academic training, offers our clients the benefits of years of experience working with hundreds of different organizations and thousands of distinct situations.


Integrity as a long-term commitment to live ethically in each area of life.

To achieve this we must know our beliefs, our core values, and who we are. Then we must be intentional about living and conducting our business accordingly.

A long-term commitment to integrity means putting your values into action. This sometimes requires the challenge of making difficult short-term choices.

The real test of a successful professional relationship is being able to do business long-term where both parties feel they have been treated equitably.

Integrity invites the understanding that we are intra-dependent. Each of our actions directly impacts the quality of life for us, as well as for everyone around us. We are more successful together and separate.

Integrity also involves a working commitment to social, economic, and environmental responsibility.

I am reminded that in this world we are all equal. Each of us has unique gifts and talents and a responsibility to use them in a way that benefits the whole… and in so doing assures our individual success.

Common Sense

Common sense is about knowing intuitively how to handle situations in a way that is appropriate.

Common sense has to do with blending our experience, education and training combined with personal life experiences in a way that allows us to use sound judgment in practical matters.  It works at a subconscious level and helps to guide and shape our conscious decision-making and our perception of the world.

Aristotle thought of common sense as an internal power that allowed for the uniting and judging of our five external senses. He thought of it as an irrational character. It is this inner sense for example that allows a sheep to sense the presence of a predator. Unfortunately, I think that we as rational thinkers often ignore this irrational character or inner sense and try to rationalize situations that put us at unnecessary risk.

In all my studies of significant change-leaders and entrepreneurs, one key factor I always find is a profound sense of Common sense. The key to their success is a blend of both instinct and intellect.

And in the business world we often find common sense isn’t really common at all.