Gadd Business Consultants serves the For Profit, Non-Profit and Faith-Based sectors

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A for profit organization is a business or other entity whose primary goal is making a profit, whereas a non profit organization focuses on helping the community and is concerned with money only as a means of necessity to ensure the company can continue operations. A majority of companies are considered for profit organizations; this includes but is not limited to manufacturing and construction companies, retails stores, etc.

GADD BUSINESS CONSULTANTS, Business Growth Specialists, specializes in assisting businesses that wish to grow successfully and ethically. GBC works with the organization to more clearly define their vision, to redefine what it means to live out that vision, and to actively help them in doing so.

Gadd Business Consultants is dedicated to helping organizations:

  • Determine an optimal rate and level of growth, risk and profitability while honoring their mission
  • Develop a clear and intentional plan of action for their growth
  • New Venture Creation
  • Create and implement the marketing, managerial and financial methods, strategies and controls necessary to accomplish that plan

Founded in 1981, Gadd Business Consultants is an organization of qualified consultants committed to our clients’ business and spiritual growth. Our team of consultants provides an objective view of the status of organization and develops methods to achieve growth. As business consultants, we develop and implement plans and control systems that will effectively accomplish our clients’ organizational objectives. We can work cooperatively with your support personnel to ensure success.

We combine intellect and theory with instinct, experience, and common sense to find solutions that work specifically for you. While our service is extensive, working with us is easy. Our professional staff looks forward to the opportunity to assist you in the future growth of your business.