Understanding that time is of the essence, highly skilled and experienced expertise can often be a valuable catalyst in making this critical transition smoothly.

Our Non-Profit Services include:

  • Visioning and Strategic Growth Planning and Needs Assessment
  • Outreach and Marketing Analysis and Plans
  • Business Feasibility
  • New Venture Creation
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Exit and Harvest Strategies
  • Business Valuation
  • Capital Funding Campaigns
  • Financial Budgets and Controls
  • Profit and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Organizational Analysis and Structure
  • Board Development
  • Performance Improvement and Accreditation Programs
  • Cultural Strategies and Code of Ethics

Events of the last decade have had a dramatic effect on the healthcare, academic and nonprofit communities. There has been a significant reduction in the availability of public-funding and support while a volatile economic market makes it difficult for the private sector to make up the difference. Unfortunately, these same market conditions have dramatically increased the need for the services that nonprofit organizations provide..

At the same time costs seem to be escalating at an uncontrollable rate while the demand for increased accountability is coming from every direction, inside and outside of the organization.

This combination of factors has created an environment that requires all nonprofit organizations and their executives to seize control over their own destiny. Rather than having their fate determined by with the whims and politics of outside parties and agencies, nonprofit organizations have recognized that survival and growth require acting strategically while also making sure they honor their tradition and mission. This strategic approach requires deliberate and proactive planning that allows organizations to understand the dynamic marketplace while managing profits and cash flow.

This new and dynamic approach to the future often requires strategies and methodologies that are both new and challenging to the organization and its management.