We help with the business side of the business, so that you can go back to doing what you love to do, are good at, and what made you successful in the first place. – Ken Gadd, Owner


Gadd Business Consultants (GBC) empowers business owners by delivering the following benefits:

    • Streamlining and simplifying their business
    • Providing them Peace of mind, confidence, and relief
    • Letting them focus on what they want to be doing, what they’re good at, and what is most impactful
    • Enabling them to expand the business
    • Making business easier
    • Being easy to work with


Services are custom tailored to the specific needs of the business or organization depending on size, culture, and available resources (organizational, financial, or operations).  GBC serves businesses and organizations ranging from small to mid-sized in the for-profit, non-profit or faith-based sectors, at every stage of the business life cycle. Our services are extensive, but we are easy to work with.

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