Kenneth S. GaddMBA MDiv DMin
Gadd Business Consultants
Business Growth Specialists

4794 Helen Street, Suite 1, Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 943-3150

5732 Klettner, St. Clair, MI 48079
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Doctorate of Ministry – Business Ethics (2005)
Ecumenical Theological Seminary
Detroit, MI
Masters of Divinity (2005)
Ecumenical Theological Seminary
Detroit, MI
MBA – Finance (1981)
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI
BBA – University of Michigan (1978)
Dearborn, MI

Owner and Senior Consultant

Gadd Business Consultants, Business Growth Specialists, 4794 Helen Street, Suite 1, Dearborn, MI 48126. Established 1982.
Owner and Senior Consultant of GADD BUSINESS CONSULTANTS (GBC), Business Growth Specialists. GBC specializes in assisting for-profit, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations that wish to grow successfully and ethically. GBC works with them to more clearly define their vision, to redefine what it means to live out that vision, and to actively help them in doing so. Gadd Business Consultants has a very diverse client base.
Gadd Business Consultants assists enterprises in determining their optimal level and rate of growth and what amount of risk and profitability they want to attach to that growth. We work with clients to develop a focused and intentional Strategic Plan of action for the growth of their enterprise. Create and implement the organizational structure and the marketing, managerial, operating, and financial systems and controls necessary to accomplish that plan. Provide an objective view of the status of their enterprise and develop methods to increase profit, improve cash flow and achieve growth.
GADD BUSINESS CONSULTANTS, Business Growth Specialists, works with businesses and organizations at every stage of the business life cycle from inception to harvest and all points along the way. The nature of our clients is also quite diverse within a variety of industries and sectors. We provide a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning and Business Plans with for-profit, non-profit and faith-based organizations, including development and implementation
    of Vision, Mission, long and short-term objectives with specific strategies, a comprehensive plan of action, and assessment tools and
  • Church Redevelopment, Revitalization and New Church Starts for various faith traditions and denominations. Working to develop and
    implement a team approach to church revitalization, church re-starts and new church development with process utilizing ministry of all
    believers and mutual ministry team approach.
  • Change Leadership and Team Building
  • Marketing plan and outreach plan for varied organizations with diverse service and product mix.
  • Employee manual including policies and procedures, training, orientation, compensation, and evaluation.
  • Organization structure analysis. Redesigned organizational structure. Focus on form optimizing function. Perform job analysis. Identify
    and fill key management positions.
  • Financial tracking system, including Job Costing system for specialty Construction Company.
  • Financial budgets for non-profit, for-profit, and faith-based organizations.
  • Joint venture (LLC) between multiple companies. Evaluated member expectations, designed organizational structure, developed
    operating and management agreements, financial feasibility, and projected financial statements.
  • Created capital-funding packages and acquired both debt and equity funding from both traditional and non-traditional sources.
  • Statement of Ethics and Social/Environmental/Economic Responsibility for businesses and organizations including policies, systems, and
  • Assist companies and organizations in the Minority, ISO, QS, Jayco, CARF, COA Certification processes.
  • Merger, Acquisition and Succession including planning, business valuation, deal structuring, negotiation, and capital funding.

Entrepreneurial and Small / Micro / Social Enterprise Training

Gadd Business Consultants, Program Developer and Director
Developing, supporting and implementing cultural and community specific programs that facilitate personal transformation and economic vitalization utilizing entrepreneurship and social enterprise focusing on individuals and local  communities.  At the core of this program is taking a holistic approach to those we serve. By holistic we mean that we are concerned not just with whether they can start a business but rather can we have a positive impact on their overall quality of life.  This includes taking into consideration the quality of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual existence.  We provide not only extensive entrepreneurial training, one-on-one coaching, ongoing aftercare and decentralized resource centers and but also take into consideration the social, cultural, economic, life skill needs and the overall state of readiness and competence of both the individual participants and the local communities in which they live and work.  One of the unique advantages of our organization would be our sensitivity and ability to work with specific communities to develop programs that would be sensitive to the unique culture and demographics of the particular community.

Facilitate, Negotiate, and Conflict Resolution

Facilitate meetings, workshops, retreats for various non-profit, for-profit, faith-based and academic organizations. Negotiate contracts, labor, strategies and various business issues. Participate in conflict resolution concerning a variety of situations.

G.A.D.D Inc. – Growth and Dynamic Development

Founder, Program Developer and Program Director of GADD Inc a nonprofit – organization.  The purpose of GADD Inc. is to develop, support and facilitate cultural and community specific programs that facilitate personal transformation and economic vitalization, utilizing entrepreneurship and social enterprise focusing on individuals and communities. Programs are designed to provide training to start and operate a business for disadvantaged individuals, who include but are not limited to; the unemployed or underemployed residents including previously incarcerated persons and business owners living and working in economically distressed communities. These programs will also provide the opportunity to participate in diverse training and encourage positive change in each person´s life and in the community, taking into consideration the social, cultural, economic, life skill needs and the overall state of readiness and competence of both the individual participants and the local communities in which they live and work. Through these efforts we seek to lessen the burdens of government, reduce poverty, combat crime and juvenile delinquency and improve the overall quality of life in the communities we serve.

Osborn Entrepreneurship and Micro-Enterprise Project

Program Developer and Program Director for the Osborn Entrepreneurship and Micro-enterprise Project for Lawrence Technological University, Center for Nonprofit Management, College of Management.  Develop and implement a comprehensive program to provide economic vitalization and personal transformation utilizing a Micro-enterprise model.  Required program design, curriculum development, coordination of resources and services through multiple providers.  The program includes an intensive entrepreneurial training program, advanced courses and workshops, mentoring, life skills supports, long-term follow up and the creation of a neighborhood Business Development Center.  The Program budget was over $500,000 funded primarily by the Skillman Foundation with a grant of $250,000, Lawrence Technological University, and multiple additional grants from Comerica, Knight Foundation, etc including various in-kind contributions.

Other Business Consulting and Development (Past and Current)

Ministry Developer – United Church of Christ
Work to develop and implement a team approach to planned church revitalization, church re-starts and new church development in Southeastern Michigan, utilizing mutual ministry teams. Provide consulting services and develop educational resources for UCC churches in Southeastern Michigan.

Greenfield Coalition – Focus Hope – Entrepreneurial Course
As an independent consultant to Walsh College, developed Entrepreneurship Course for Focus Hope Engineering Degree Program. Course utilizes a wide variety of teaching tools and methodologies.

Adams Foundation – Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program
As an independent consultant and adjunct faculty at Walsh College assisted in developing and implementing an entrepreneurial mentoring program. Served as faculty coordinator for the program.

Business Enterprise Development Center
Primary consultant for Oakland Self-Employment Project program. Worked directly with Program Director to develop curriculum. Develop and implement syllabus and course work. Program funded by a $350,000 grant from the Michigan Jobs Commission. The purpose of the program is to train recipients of public assistance in Oakland County the skills necessary to be successfully self-employed.

U.S. Small Business Administration
Small Business Development Centers
Wayne State University, Pontiac Growth Group, East Detroit. An independent consultant assisting a variety of businesses in the development and implementation of business plans. Provide consultation in all areas of business operation.

Instructor Experience

Responsible for program and curriculum development, class plans and material selections.

Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI, Part-time faculty, multiple campuses

MKT 7123 – Customer Relationship Management, (Grad)
MGT 6153 – Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management (Grad)
MKT 6013 – Marketing Management (Grad)
MKT 5013 – Introduction to Economics and Marketing Principles (Grad)
MGT 4213 – Strategic Management (Under Grad)
MKT 3213 – Sales and Marketing for Entrepreneurs (Under Grad)
MKT 3013 – Principles of Marketing (Under Grad)

Walsh College, Troy, MI, Part-time faculty, multiple campuses

MKT 202 – Principles of Marketing, (Under Grad)
MGT 303 – Organizational Behavior, (Under Grad)
MKT 307 – Marketing Management, (Under Grad)
MKT 307 – Marketing Management, (Online, Under Grad)
MKT 308 – Retail Management, (Under Grad)
MKT 415 – Consumer Behavior, (Under Grad)
MGT 453 – Organizational Management, (Under Grad)
MGT 455 – Sales Force Management, (Under Grad)
MGT 461 – Business Strategy and Policy, (Under Grad)
MGT 471 – Small Business Management, (Under Grad)
MGT 501 – Management & Organizations, (Grad)
MKT/MBA 550 – Managing the Marketing Function, (Grad)
MKT 551 – Consumer Behavior, (Grad)
MGT 555 – Human Resource Management, (Grad)
MGT 575 – Small Business Management, (Grad)
MGT 576 – Entrepreneurship & Starting a Small Business, (Grad)
MGT 577 – Family Business, (Grad)
MGT 615 – Strategic Management, (Grad, Masters´ Capstone Course)
MBA 671 – Strategic Implementation and Managing Change (Online, Grad, MBA Capstone course)
MBA 671 – Strategic Implementation and Managing Change (Grad, MBA Capstone course)

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, Part-time faculty, School of Business Administration, Department of Management

MGT 566 – Small Business Management, (Under Grad)
MGT 565 – New Venture Creation, (Under Grad)
MGT 766 – Entrepreneurial Management, (Grad)

Oakland University, Rochester, MI, Part-time faculty, School of Business Administration, Department of Management

MGT 660 – Launching & Managing Small Business, (Grad)

Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, MI, Part-time faculty, School of Business Administration and Economics

BBA 131 Understanding Business
BEC 131 Economics

Seminars and Conferences

Develop and conduct workshops and seminars on various subjects including strategic growth planning and implementation, innovation, ethics, motivation, change leadership, cash flow management, market analysis and competitive strategies, etc.
Walsh College – Professional Development
Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce
Comerica Bank
Michigan State University
V. A. Business Conference
Minority Business Conference
Detroit SBDC
Various Business Fairs
Local radio stations
United Church of Christ

Success Trainer

Professional Speaker, 1999 – Present
Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) – “Business Ethics”
Walsh College – Keynote speaker for Honors Graduates – “Toolbox for the Journey”
National Association of Career Woman – “Business Ethics”
Blue Water National Assoc. of Human Resource Managers – “Business Ethics in HR”
United Church of Christ – “Change Leadership” and “Ministry of all Baptized”
Anchor Bay Chamber of Commerce – “Business Ethics”
Devon Title Company – “Strategic Business Planning”
JAMRA – Michigan – “Spiritual Gifts”
Society for Marketing Professional Services – “CRM-Building a Customer-based Culture”

Articles, Publications, and Presentations

“Entrepreneurship for Engineers” Michael T. Wood, Kenneth Gadd, Donald Falkenburg. Education that Works. National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance. 8th Annual Meeting, San Jose, CA, March 2004.
“Manufacturing Organization and Its Environment” Michael T. Wood, Kenneth Gadd, Donald Falkenburg. 32nd Annual North American Manufactures Research Conference. Charlotte, North Carolina, June 2004.
“Strategic Planning for Churches” Kenneth Gadd. Network News of the Ecumenical Theological Seminary, Vol 4, Number 1, April 2004

Recognition and Awards

US Small Business Administration,Certificate of Appreciation
Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges
Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce, Certificate of Appreciation
Small Business Development Center, Certificate of Appreciation

Additional Education

Online Teaching Certification – ETOM
Church Smart Resources – Natural Church Development
Russel School of Real Estate. Real Estate Principles.

Licenses and Registrations

Natural Church Development,Licensed Consultant and Coach consultant.
Small Business Administration. United States, Registered management consultant.
Real Estate License, Sales, State of Michigan, past
Apprentice Counselor Credential. State of Michigan, Office of Substance Abuse. past.

Membership and Affiliations

Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Coalition. Member – Current
The Society for Business Ethics. Member – current
Blue Water Center for Independent Living – Past – Board Member
Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce. Past
Council of Small Enterprises Executive Committee, Vice Chairperson, Member
Business Development Series Committee, Chairperson Vice Chairperson, Member
Board of Directors Nominating Committee, Member
Strategic Planning Committee, Member
Executive Network Committee, Member Chairperson, Vice Chairperson
Council of Child Abuse and Neglect-Past
Oakland County Board of Directors, Secretary
Marketing Director, Chairperson Marketing Committee
Chairperson Strategic Planning Committee
Access Detroit – Past Member / Advisory Board
University of Michigan – Member Alumni Association
Wayne State University – Member Alumni Association
Michigan Business Brokers Association – Past Member
International Business Brokers Association – Past Member