By Thomas Reed

Yesterday morning’s electronic edition of Crain’s Detroit Business featured a story about Brian Clar, a recent University of Michigan graduate that left Detroit for San Francisco to focus on launching his new company–at least for now.

Reading the story, you learn that Clark, his brother, and some friends began a company here in the Metro- Detroit area. After winning a pitch contest, Clark left for San Francisco to network and learn tech startup wisdom in the American cradle of tech entrepreneurship.

At Gadd Business Consultants, we help clients make the most of the resources of southeastern Michigan. We have helped growing companies find and hire knowledgeable employees, meet valuable contacts to further growth, and just locate the resources needed to strengthen their organizations from right here in the Great Lakes State.

We know Clark will find much to further his business journey in San Francisco, but we also know that Metro Detroit, as well as Michigan in general, have much to speak for them, too.