Making Ethics Real Makes Leadership Real

By: Gael O’Brien

Ethics is crucial to effective leadership.  Below are four ways to put ethics to practice for your business and personal life.

When known or should have known issues are not addressed in a quick fashion, ethical failures occur. Ethics should be looked at the same as financial, operational, strategical, planning and marketing fundamentals.

This is even more important when a board member is also the CEO.  When this happens, it reinforces the need for the board to be involved with the company’s values and tone at the top.

Four Recommendations for Making Ethics Real

  1. Ethics should be accepted as a business fundamental.  Ask more questions, listen and observe and connect the values to the business of the organization.

Identify and step in when a CEO is not practicing the ethical policies of the company, so they can be talked about and resolved.

  • Encourage coming forward when someone is not adhering to the ethical rules and policies of the company.  Ensure that the policies are real and are applied to everyone.
  • Share personal values as a leader.  Values that are shared and shown visibly make them more real in the company’s culture.
  • Practicing ethics is finance’s best ally.  Leadership should be about creating a great, satisfying organization that is not about money.  Money is a consequence, not an object.