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Establishing Guiding Principles for Your Business

By Roberta Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants If you have the feeling that your employees are all going in different directions or you feel you should have things done in the way you chose, and they are not. Then, you should establish a set of “Guiding Principles” for your business and employees. Just like running a […]

Why Accessibility is Important to your Business

There are a lot of things that one should considered when looking for a new location for your business. That said, one of the more overlooked aspects in prospecting for a new location is accessibility. The concept of accessibility when it comes to finding the right location for your business is a broad topic. Thus, […]

8 Tips for Copy That Drives Leads

By Roberta M. Fisher, Consultant, Gadd Business Consultants With 60 percent of companies marketing budget spent on Google Adwords and 20 percent spent of Facebook Ads, you need to make sure your content marketing is reaching and being read by everyone it can.  Even with these percentages that is being spent on marketing “content marketing” […]

3 Business Valuation Methods

Performing a valuation on your existing business or a business that you are looking to acquire is no simple task. A plethora of factors must be taken into account in order to arrive at a meaningful valuation. That said, in this article we will review (in the most simplistic form) some of the most common […]

5 Ways to Fund your Next Business Venture

Unless you are individually wealthy, you will need to find a way to finance the purchase of a business. In today’s day-and-age there are a vast amount of financing options, but in this article, we will cover a few of the more common ways to finance a business deal. Traditional Business Loan: One of the […]

4 Tips to Writing an “About Us” Page for Your Business Website

By Roberta Fisher, Consultant, Gadd Business consultants LLC The “About Us” page is most helpful, specifically if you are not promoting a brand.  An effective “About Us” page for your website would include a message that encourages trust, that is convincing, personal, friendly and it makes it possible for further action by the user.   […]

5 Steps to Identify Your Ideal Customer

By Roberta Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants Finding the ideal or perfect customer for your type of business is not an easy task to accomplish.  You must be willing to put in the work to discover who they are, why they are and how to maintain their business and find new customers. This article will focus […]

Optimizing your Business’s Marketing Efforts (Part Four)

In the previous articles we touched on various topics, ranging from optimizing your market research, pinpointing your target market and finally how to maximize your online marketing efforts. Moreover, in this article we will discuss how using some specific traditional marketing efforts can play a big role in your marketing strategy. In many respects, traditional […]

Optimizing Your Business’s Marketing Efforts – Part Two

This is the second article of a four part blog series for optimizing your business’s marketing efforts.  If you didn’t get the chance read the previous article I encourage you to do that!  Our goal with this blog series is to give you some golden nuggets that will hopefully improve your overall marketing strategy in […]