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Analysis vs. Action

By: Patty Azzarello; Executive, best-selling author, speaker, and CEO/Business Advisor How Much Analysis? To start with the business outcome in mind, and then to set a budget for how much study a particular plan or answer is worth. The answer depends on two key items: The size and importance of the thing you are doing […]

Write Your Business Plan

Traditional business plan format You might prefer a traditional business plan format if you are very detail oriented, want a comprehensive plan, or plan to request financing from traditional sources. When you write your business plan, you do not have to stick to the exact business plan outline. Instead, use the sections that make the […]

Making Ethics Real Makes Leadership Real

By: Gael O’Brien Ethics is crucial to effective leadership.  Below are four ways to put ethics to practice for your business and personal life. When known or should have known issues are not addressed in a quick fashion, ethical failures occur. Ethics should be looked at the same as financial, operational, strategical, planning and marketing […]

Steps to a Business Record Keeping Systems That Works

By Roberta M. Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants First, establish a financial system for your business that will clear out the garbage if you want to see your business succeed. The system that you set up should be able to give you accurate information so you can see how your business is progressing and also so […]

Can You Take Out Multiple SBA Loans?

By Roberta M. Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants Access to capital is a critical part of having a small business.  A loan can assist you with cash flow issues, hiring new employees or expanding your product lines or services. COVID-19 has made a time of uncertainty for small businesses and made financing even more crucial.  If […]

Would a Partner(s) Make it Easier to be Successful?

By Roberta M. Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants Viewing the Gadd Business Consultants Mergers and Acquisitions videos on Youtube.com will answer many of your questions and assist you in your decision prior to entering a partnership.  You must perform your Due Diligence on the company and the owner(s) you are contemplating merging with prior to the […]

Why is the Selling / Buying Decision So Challenging

By: Roberta M. Fisher, Gadd business Consultants Sale performance is declining due to a few facts: salespeople are failing to meet quota, sales end in a decision not being made, time is wasted by both the buyer and seller deciding on whether the sale should go through and can the seller meet the customer’s expectations […]

What New Year’s Resolutions Should Your business Make

By: Roberta M. Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants It’s not too late to make New Year’s resolutions for your business which will help to continue growing your business.  When the resolutions are followed through your business can reach new heights. Provide 5 Star Customer Service Every business owner knows making your customers happy and satisfied is […]

Difference Between Product and Service

By: Roberta M. Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants These two words are often used interchangeably to describe one thing and in actuality   it is something different.  The main difference between them is products are tangible objects that can be seen, felt and can be moved, whereas, services are intangible and cannot be moved. Key Features of […]