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2 Things to Consider When Buying an Existing Business

Buying a business is a big life decision and should not be made lightly or without a great deal of deliberation. There are many intricacies at every part of the process and in order to come out on top, nothing should be overlooked. In part one of this two-part series we will outline two very […]

4 Tips to Writing an “About Us” Page for Your Business Website

By Roberta Fisher, Consultant, Gadd Business consultants LLC The “About Us” page is most helpful, specifically if you are not promoting a brand.  An effective “About Us” page for your website would include a message that encourages trust, that is convincing, personal, friendly and it makes it possible for further action by the user.   […]

5 Steps to Identify Your Ideal Customer

By Roberta Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants Finding the ideal or perfect customer for your type of business is not an easy task to accomplish.  You must be willing to put in the work to discover who they are, why they are and how to maintain their business and find new customers. This article will focus […]

Optimizing your Business’s Marketing Efforts (Part Four)

In the previous articles we touched on various topics, ranging from optimizing your market research, pinpointing your target market and finally how to maximize your online marketing efforts. Moreover, in this article we will discuss how using some specific traditional marketing efforts can play a big role in your marketing strategy. In many respects, traditional […]

Optimizing Your Business’s Marketing Efforts – Part Two

This is the second article of a four part blog series for optimizing your business’s marketing efforts.  If you didn’t get the chance read the previous article I encourage you to do that!  Our goal with this blog series is to give you some golden nuggets that will hopefully improve your overall marketing strategy in […]

Are Brick and Mortar Stores really dying?

Since the explosion of online shopping there has been an ever-growing belief that brick-and-mortar stores are soon to become obsolete. As of late there has been various stories of “top-tier” companies closing down their physical locations due to the fact that it has been deemed no longer financially viable to keep the doors open. However, […]

Leadership Through Teamwork

Leadership Through Teamwork by Roberta M. Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants   Leadership is best done utilizing teamwork, then to lead focused solely on one individual.  Remember “no man is an island”, not one person has all the answers and forethought to lead a company all by himself.  Companies need to have a strong, well diverse […]

How to Manage Giving Free Advice

Written by: Roberta Fisher, Consultant, Gadd Business Consultants Everyone enjoys getting something for nothing, but you need to set limits on how much you are willing to give of your knowledge, experience and time to others who are “fishing” for free advice. During the course of business, you tend to meet people that are in […]

Building Confidence Through Experience

Written by: Evan Lyszczyk When I started my journey as a “young professional”, I quickly began to realize I knew much less about how the business world works than I initially thought. My college education was sound and from a fundamentals standpoint I could navigate through my responsibilities and ultimately get the job done. When […]