By Thomas Reed

I was searching the internet for info on strategic planning the other day and stumbled across an August 2013 article in Forbes magazine. In it, Bill Conerly talks to three pitfalls of strategic planning. I would like to take the next few blog entries to discuss his thoughts.

Pitfall 1. Avoiding “No”

helpConerly’s position, and I can’t disagree, is that no person, company, or organization can do it all. Sometimes when planning, leaders fall to personal biases that cloud good decision making or go with group-think that produces vage statements, putting the organization in a position to attempt to be all things to all people. It’s just not possible.

At Gadd Business Consultants, we have helped produce numerous successful strategic plans. We work with entrepreneurs to think all the way through ideas and evaluate their ongoing endeavors. In the end, clients end up with clear, concise, action plans and a partner in GBC to execute it.

You want to achieve great things. We want you to succeed. Let GBC work through your plan and put your concrete list of actions into motion.

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