Are You a Questionable Leader?

Are You a Questionable Leader?

Written by: Roberta M. Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants


What I meant is, are you the type of leader who will continue to question even within the confines of the company, this is what is called a Contrarian Leader.  Are you someone who continues leading in the same direction or do you like to stir the pot for ideas to update your services/products, new technology, better advertising and communication.  Being a Contrarian Leader is not the most popular and is the rarest form of leadership.  Accepting and continuing doing business as is because it’s always been done this way, does not have to continue.  Ask the why’s, what for’s, and who’s, regarding the way you lead.  No one likes standing out as the guy who always questions everything.  However, in business this is not a bad trait to have.  There will be times when you are tuned out on at the meetings, ideas not accepted or considered to be a bad leader, when you are the one questioning.

Sometimes the status quo needs to be rattled.  You may not become the popular boss, but you will be the boss that keeps updating and moving forward.  This type of leadership can keep you in business and someone your employees will want to follow.

Stop being nice, agreeing with everything because it may be easier, the world needs more forward-looking leaders.  Start being kind, kind is having the disposition to disagree, ask questions and to fight for what you believe in.  There are several methods of leading, but why not choose the method that will keep your company growing and thriving.

Challenge you colleagues, don’t just sit there and let the world evolve around you.  Be a part of the planning, decision making, testing and implementation of a new project.  Every idea is fallible and can cause unwanted consequences, so it is better to question at the beginning instead of at the time of implementation.  Questioning can stop you from making bad choices and going down the wrong path.

The thought of becoming an entrepreneur you have already started questioning, continue!


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