Providing the Best Customer Service

By Roberta M. Fisher, Consultant, Gadd Business Consultants LLC

Providing the best customer service is done simply by ranking customer needs above everything else.  Your employees must fully understand how to embrace the business’ core values that of serving/assisting and compassion. 

A study regarding the correlation between acting upon the needs of your customers and company revenue growth showed that this was the number one competency to rely on.  The customer may not always be right, but they are always to be considered number one.

Utilize your employees as brand representatives while interacting with customers.  To have this type of employee means they need to feel they are valued by the company and their bosses.  This can be accomplished by the following steps.  

            Be accurate – Drive home the feeling of being loyal and trustworthy.  Your communications should be accurate, consistent and timely.

            Be responsive – Respond to employee feedback and make a commitment for continuous improvement.  Constantly having employee turnover is not a morale booster.

            Make it easy – Allow employee feedback to be easy and without retaliation.  Use software solutions to turn employee feedbacks into visible actions.

            Value Employees – A showing of value towards your employees consistently and clearly,  will have your employees paying it forward by suppling your customers with the best customer service.

Less employee turnover, lower absenteeism and increases in customer service ratings, productivity and sales are all based on employee engagement. Greater customer satisfaction comes when your employees feel engaged, trusted and valued. Focusing on employee happiness equates to the finest customer service in the long run. 

Not encouraging your employees to succeed and giving them a sense of value will only lead to large staff turnovers, lack of customer service and no pride in their work and the company.

Implement tools devoted to talent.  The right software will help you to keep track of each employee’s performance, development, productivity and staffing effectiveness.  Managers would be able to keep track of setting employee goals, implementing training initiatives and setting up the best organizational structure.