By Thomas Reed

Every business experiences it; the fork in the road, the desire, or need, to meet market challenges…sometimes it’s just the appetite of the entrepreneur to focus on something different.

A little bit of all those have happened here at Gadd Business Consultants (GBC). As a result, we have several new faces around the office. Among those faces are Devon Klomp and Lindsay Seigel, and myself, Thomas Reed.

You may have already had some contact with Devon Klomp. She has been helping Ken keep things running smoothly in the office. A bright young woman, she is finishing her education in both business and graphic design. Devon has actually worked for Ken on her breaks from school for a few years and has proven herself in the work GBC has done for certain clients. Devon has a very promising future in front of her.

Lindsay Seigel is also young, but has already achieved much in several different business endeavors. Among her experiences, she has worked for an automotive aftermarket manufacturer and has managed an auto parts retail establishment. Currently, Lindsay assists many GBC clients with a variety of business needs  – her strengths include finance and accounting.

As for myself, Thomas Reed, I have a few areas of expertise. I have a degree in public relations, and have worked in publishing and  advertising. For more than the past decade I have worked for an advertising enterprise as an IT professional. I have been helping GBC clients with corporate identity elements, marketing and in efforts to realistically define their most critical business needs.

We are just a few of the new faces in the GBC orbit and we are excited to lend new capabilities and expertise to our clients. Devon, Lindsay and I have brought our own strengths and experiences to the table; and working together has proven personally educational while we make GBC more diverse, skilled and agile.

We look forward to meeting each of the GBC clients over time and are determined to move your business and ours successfully forward.