By Thomas Reed

Every once in a while it seems the universe really wants to get a message through to you (or me). I receive newsletters from several different sources regarding business, management and leadership every day. Over the course of the last few weeks, several of them covered entirely different discussions regarding the habits of successful people (Tim Ferris, Fast Company,Forbes).

I start my morning with a short walk of my dog where I mentally review my daily to-do list before settling in to tackle those tasks. Tim Ferris relates how Beethoven believed 60 coffee beans made the ideal pot and often counted out the beans himself every morning. One thread that runs through these articles is discipline and the necessity of taking time for oneself. Taking the time required to maintain perspective on challenges, improve innovation and maintain health.

meditationKen Gadd, founder of Gadd Business Consultants, himself practices an amount of meditation so he can tackle issues facing GBC and our clients effectively and efficiently. Whenever Ken teaches an MBA course in Entrepreneurship (he is adjunct faculty at Lawrence Technological University) or conducts one of his successful population of community specific entrepreneurial training programs, he always devotes a portion of the program to “Taking Care of Yourself”. He says it is critical that we dedicate time and energy including meditation, fitness, and nutrition to self care. Often in conversations I have had with him, he routinely encourages me to do what I need to in order maintain perspective and health.

What are some of the techniques you use to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed with the work and responsibility of your organization?

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