In the current edition of Inc. Magazine, columnist Norm Brodsky voices an opinion I am not sure I buy into. I consider Brodsky a must-read in each month’s edition.; his insights into each stage of business growth are insightful. But in this column, I find it hard to evaluate the validity of this month’s submission.

Brodsky’s premise here is that in years past, the majority of startup entrepreneurs shared the goal of creating businesses that not only made big money, but also employed large numbers of people, while today’s budding businesspeople are gunning more for a lifestyle that allows them to support themselves and their families, while eschewing the necessity of reporting to a “boss”.

In one of our first meetings, Ken Gadd, founder of Gadd Business Consultants, expressed to me in a conversation about entrepreneurs that, “some of us are just not made to work for someone else.” I agree with that; I am definitely one of them.

But here is where I become of two minds on the subject. My own entrepreneurial attempts are powered by my goal to comfortably feed my family and avoid having a traditional boss as I have had in every job since high school; much like Brodsky and Gadd. On the other hand, my background is in IT, and every entrepreneur I encountered in that industry has a dream of building the ultimate virtual widget, hiring a small army of pizza-gobbling, fussball-playing coders to expand and perfect it, while making a very real-world fortune in the process.

Brodsky notes that in his observation of the Millennial generation is that they tend to start new businesses on the side while employed by others. He also predicts that the post-Millennial generation will probably have more entrepreneurs and will probably start their own endeavors before getting “real” jobs.

Obviously, we are speaking here in generalities. Gadd, Brodsky and I have met entrepreneurs that are shooting for independence and others that want to create large, impactful organizations and Gadd Business Consultants has 30 years experience working with all types to successfully achieve their chosen goals.

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