by Thomas J. Reed, Jr. and Lindsay Seigel

I have been participating in a program to improve many of my business skills. One of those business skills that have been drilled into many of us entrepreneurs is the value of networking.

Many of us avoid it. Some see it as more of a social than business activity. But what has been demonstrated to me is that “networking” doesn’t need to be a formal activity, it can be fun.

Personally, my view of networking had always been: identify an organization that represents whatever goal I had for my networking, attend bar events, endure rubber chicken dinners and dodge heavy-handed elevator pitches. I have had it all wrong.

I have been watching Ken Gadd, founder of Gadd Business Consultants, as he works with groups that represent values he himself champions. Through those organizations he helps make progress on those issues he cares about, but he also burnishes his reputation as a leader and he meets new similarly-spirited folks.

The more perspectives you are exposed to, the better perspective you can also train on your own business; learning to see your endeavors from their point of view can help you to hone your message and open more markets.

Make sure Gadd Business Consultants is part of your network. We’re there when you expand your markets, make your strategic plans, and execute a paradigm pivot or any other business operation. We can help you make your endeavors more successful.

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