Consultants provide expertise that is not available in a particular organization.
Gadd Business Consultants (GBC) is used for one or more of the following reasons.

Providing special knowledge and skill.

Consultants are called in when an organization does not have the internal capability needed to tackle a given problem or issue with the same chance of success.  It may often involve new concepts and methods in which a consultant has acquired special expertise.  In other cases, the problem may be of a general nature.  If your organization is failing to achieve its principal purpose and there are gaps identifying or achieving objectives, developing strategies, management policy, planning, coordination or leadership GBC can provide the unique expertise to move your organization forward.

Supplying comprehensive professional help.

A thorough examination of major issues and concerns, such as the company organization or marketing policy, would require the full attention of senior management for long periods of time.  But the day-to-day running of the business leaves little time, and makes it difficult to concentrate on operational and conceptual problems simultaneously.  GBC provides the time and knowledge to assist at all levels within the organization from developing and implementing strategic planning and decision making to operations policy and procedures.

Giving an impartial outside viewpoint.

Even the best people within an organization may be too influenced by their personal involvement and subjectivity to see a problem or issues in its true light and propose feasible solutions.  Independent of the client organization, GBC provides an impartial objective viewpoint.