Written by Roberta M. Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants

How do you generate effective content by using buyer personas? Provide readers with information they want and need in order to get noticed.

  1. Constructing a course for your marketing strategy content

You will need several personas, in order to reach each type of reader.  The content will differ by type of reader so you should decide on how much information to provide for each type (end user, technical staff and executives).

  • Know what content should be aimed on each type of persona
  • Each will require a certain level of information, make sure you target the highest amount of information to the type who would read your material the most
  • Take into consideration who is reading your material and when. This will help in deciding when to schedule your postings to each level of reader (released during the week “vs” week-ends, time of month and time of day).
  1. Build content around your personas

Be sure to answer the basic questions and concerns of your readers when building your personas.  The best way to reach your readers will become apparent after determining your personas (video, blog, graphics, etc.).

Each persona must be written in the best tone and voice to be appealing to your readers.

  1. Maintaining Your Personas

A review of your personas about every six months is a good rule of thumb in order to keep up with shifts in industry, internal business changes and new or discontinued products.

  1. Multiple Purposes for Using Personas

Show the information to your internal teams (salespeople, customer service, account managers and reps); they can provide you with a better understanding of what they encounter with customers.  The personas can also be used as training tool for new employees.

References: Samantha Gordon, Managing Editor of Branfton.com