Branding Online Like Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali was excellent in branding himself.  He used media coverage to his advantage.  Here is how you can too.  Ensure you are using the maximum coverage available through social media; be sure to utilize all of the categories to describe yourself and your experience in the field you are doing business in.  Remember you need to make a good “first impression”.  Convince customers why they should ACCEPT your connection, NEED to do business with you and WANT to purchase your product.  Here are five items to expound on when promoting your personal brand.

  1. Think: What do you want to be known for, what should people think of YOU?  What are people saying about you behind closed doors?


  1. Craft: Create a genuine, depiction and maybe enjoyable highlights about yourself.  Read it over and make sure it would encourage customers to continue reading and learning about you and your business.


  1. Be the champ: You should answer the questions, why you and why are you the BEST in your business.  Customers want to see proof that you are what you say you are.  A way to do that is to provide testimonials from your customers addressing potential new customers.  Great way to get word of mouth spread further.


  1. Trailblaze: Provide your ideas for the future of your company and what you hope to provide for them in the not so distant future.  You can post a blog to social media networks and maybe even schedule a podcast.


  1. Make a difference: Include a section on what makes you “tick” in relation to social affairs in your community.  What do you support, donate your time and talent to?  This could push you ahead of others in your field when they see you as a consciousness’ person as well as a business person.