Written by: Devon Klomp

Gadd Business Consultants

Your business needs to not only acquire new customers, but maintain current customers as well. Treating your customer base well ensures repeat customers, which can bring your business constant and steady income. Your competitors are waiting for customers like yours, so there’s no room to slip up. Here are some well thought out, affordable tips on treating them well, to keep them coming to you, not your competitor.

Easy payments

Businesses shouldn’t make it difficult to get paid. Waiting for your customers to pay you can be difficult for your business, and difficult on the customer if your payment alternatives are not easy for them. Make sure you offer multiple options for payment from your customer, this way they can choose their preferred option. There are many credit card processing devices, services, and companies that are cost effective and easy to use.

Make them comfortable

Research shows that when customers feel comfortable with a company, they are more likely to spend more on their products or services. Go out of your way to get your customers to trust you and your company to ensure they will do business with you versus your competitor. Establish great customer service by treating them well, trust will come easy.

Follow up

Keep in touch with your customers, past and current. Having a follow up procedure helps to ensure that your customer knows that they are important to you plus you will stay fresh in your customer’s head for future purchases. It’s much more efficient to maintain repeat customer while also searching out new ones. It becomes difficult when you lose existing customers, and must find new customers to replace them. Research suggests it may cost five times more to get a customer than to keep one.  A customer revolving door is expense and challenges sustainable growth.

We (Gadd Business Consultants) can help you retain your current customers, gain new customers, and grow your business to its full potential. We can assist you in managing your business, so that you can continue doing what it is you love to do.