Establishing Guiding Principles for Your Business

By Roberta Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants

If you have the feeling that your employees are all going in different directions or you feel you should have things done in the way you chose, and they are not. Then, you should establish a set of “Guiding Principles” for your business and employees.

Just like running a household and raising children you have rules to be followed to have a smoother home life and where everyone knows their responsibilities, so should your business have rules that govern their actions and responses.

“Guiding Principles” is a wide-range viewpoint that include your personal beliefs and values that will guide your company throughout its existence in all types of circumstances.  Regardless of any changes in its goals or type of work the “Guiding Principles” will be adhered to. This will also create an understanding for all your personnel to know what is expected and is important to running your company.

A few samples of “Guiding Principles” are:

  • “We always err on the side of the customer”
  • “We’re honest in our dealings with each other and the public”
  • “We take immediate responsibility for our actions, both personally and           professionally”

Next, after establishing your company’s “Guiding Principles” you must make them work.

  • Be clear on what is important to you – Be precise on what you expect.
  • Walk your talk all the time – Do not disobey your own rules
  • Make them public – Be sure to post the principles on the wall, company vehicles and in your advertising
  • Enforce them – If a violation of the principles occurs start off with a reminder, then a warning then if it continues termination of the employee
  • Only hire people who share your values –  Remember you cannot change people; they are either suited for your company or not from the start

As an owner of your business you are responsible to make the rules.  Guiding Principles will become entrenched in the basic structure of your company and will make it easier to run and provide you with a company people want to do business with.

Reference :  Guiding Principles and Why your business Should Have Them, b Jayme Dill Broudy

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