Written by: Devon Klomp and Ken Gadd

When released from incarceration, most people find it difficult to find a job. Many companies simply refuse to hire ex-felons. Gadd Business Consultants has provided entrepreneurial training for returning citizens through Michigan Department of Corrections and other organizations. This allowed those in re-entry to learn about the benefits of starting their own business, and to provide them with alternative opportunities for success.

prisonI read an article about a man named Frederick who spent 51 months in prison for running an illegal business. He witnessed and experienced the loneliness and isolation that all inmates become very familiar with. He began to notice that once inmates were released, many would return shortly after committing another crime. While in prison he noticed that there was a need that has not been met within the market composed of prisoners and their loved ones. Once Frederick was released, he put his business skills to work and created a business called Pigeon.ly. His venture keeps inmates connected with their loved ones through photos and phone calls. Staying in touch with family and friends allows these inmates to have a reason to better themselves. Those who stay in contact, lower their chances of returning to prison. The employees of Frederick’s company are ex-felons as well. It is meaningful to the workers at Pigeon.ly to provide contact between the inmates and their loved ones, because they know what it is like to be in their shoes. They want to give them the second chance that they were given. Like any start-up Frederick ran into some challenges, but is on its way to reaching $1 million in sales for the year.

Have you found a need that has not been met or do you have a great idea, like Frederick did? Would you like assistance growing your business in a profitable fashion? The services that we offer help entrepreneurs clarify their vision, create their business plan and help find the funding needed to grow the organization through all stages, from idea to harvest. Other services that we offer include strategic business planning, organizational and management strategy, marketing outreach, financial analysis and forecasting and executive coaching. Contact us today for help with turning your idea into an successful business.

Article: http://money.cnn.com/2014/09/17/smallbusiness/pigeonly-prison-startup/index.html?iid=SF_SB_River