by Ken Gadd

New business ideas generally are created because someone sees a need or they experience an event that leads them to wanting a change.

I recently read an article about two guys that started a rental tux business, because they had a bad experience with high prices and cheap quality tuxes at one of their weddings. Blackmon and Coyne wanted to start a business that allowed men to rent better quality tuxes at a cheaper price and have a longer time frame for pickup and drop-off.  They also offer an online service that allows customers to make their rentals online, the customer just needs to provide their measurements and the company, The Black Tux, will cover the shipping and return costs. These two men had a bad experience and the vision to make a change.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 4.29.00 PMGadd Business Consultants is there to help clients, like these two, with their visions and turn those visions into reality. The services that we offer help entrepreneurs clarify their vision, create their business plan and help find the funding needed to grow the organization through all stages, from idea to harvest.

Other services that we offer would assist in strategic business planning, organizational and management strategy, marketing outreach, financial analysis and forecasting and many more areas of assistance. Ken Gadd, founder of Gadd Business Consultants, has assisted many clients through all of these stages.  GBC, helps clients to stay focused and on track to reach the end result of a successful business/organization.

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