Criticism, Boundaries and Useful Feedback

Written by: Roberta Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants, LLC

It is still true today as it ever was that no one likes to be criticized.  Most people including business owners need and will accept honest feedback in order to better their business, products or processes.

Feedback is the practice of providing useful information regarding your reaction to a product or an action which is utilized as a basis for improvement on a product, service, advertisement, employee performance, etc.  You should always keep in mind that feedback should not be in the form of criticism.

Great feedback should consist of a useful discussion such as a specific description of what occurred.  Do not rate but rather evaluate what occurred.  Describe just your own reactions without inserting what others thought.  What are the benefits of your feedback to the receiver?  Only provide feedback to a behavior the receiver can do something about.  Useful feedback is also sought after, not imposed.  Provide timely feedback after something occurs or is looked at.  Make sure the receiver understood your comments as intended.  Last but not least is having no expectations there will be a change made.  Instead revisit the situation/event to see if your feedback has been utilized and how well it’s utilized.

Remember your boundaries when informing others of your feedback you want it to be valued and respected.  Keep this in mind especially when evaluating your employees also, that feedback is better received than criticism.

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