Be You, Nobody Likes a Fake

Be You, Nobody Likes a Fake

Written by: Roberta Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants


Treat everyone the same in an organization from the President on down.  No one is above the other, all persons involved in a project or company are needed to make it successful.  You must speak to all in the same language, as to not talk down or up to what your preconceived ideas are of their level of understanding.  It is best to be yourself to all, you will never need to remember who you are claiming to be with each person.  Be authentic!!!!


Treating everyone the same does not mean that we all have the same intellect, talent or experiences.  Don’t pretend or act like you’re better than someone else.  Being yourself, encourages others to be comfortable in their own skin and to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.  It also allows others to interact with each other all in an equivalent manner making the project/task completed in an easy and understandable way.  The expectations you require from everyone may differ but should not change in the way you treat and interact with others.


To be a good leader no matter your age, remember to do your due diligence, be prepared for meetings and interviews.  When asking questions, be sure to listen and take note of the answers.  It is best if you have a clear objective and know all the parts of the company.  Effective leaders can make great budget decisions, meeting agendas, most of all, are clear about their mission.


Do something you enjoy, that makes you happy or allows you to create a start on what you are doing daily. Make connections, having a lot of different people (skill sets, experiences and demographics) working together makes a splendid work environment and brings out the best in each other.