Keep These Things in Mind During Your Face to Face Sales Pitch

Written by: Devon Klomp

It’s important to make a connection and build the relationship with your potential customer or client. If you try too hard at first it may come off as forced. Although there is no need to spend time making sure you had the same fifth grade teacher it is important to find a comfortable connect. You only need to spend one-minute building rapport, anything more will appear obvious as a sales tactic.

Ask open ended questions, ones that will get you more information than yes or no answers. Avoid questions where you already know the answer, you don’t need to waste time proving that you are right. Spend this time with your potential customer wisely, listen closely, dig deep to uncover the answers you are looking for to find ways that your service or product can solve your customers problems or needs.

You’re the salesperson, guide the conversation. It’s important to listen but be sure that you are steering the conversation in a way that benefits your purpose for this face to face meeting. Be sure not to talk over the customers’ head. You don’t want to make them feel stupid. This will cause them to close off, and it will be difficult to make any sort of sale and will void any connection made earlier at this point.

If the potential customer says something that you don’t believe to be true, don’t be afraid to gently push back respectfully and confidently. It shows that you are experienced and knowledgeable on the topic. This will allow your customer to trust you.

If you map out the benefits of your product and service and how it will help your potential customer, don’t be surprised if they get excited and enthusiastic about your product. Be sure to match their attitude, it shouldn’t be difficult to do as you should be overjoyed that they are so pumped. If they aren’t jumping up and down, that’s okay. There’s no need for you to jump up and down in hopes that they do. But be sure to maintain your enthusiasm about your product or service. If you don’t believe in the benefits of your product or service, how do you expect them to?

Keep in mind these pointers for your next face to face sales pitch, you will find they come in handy.