How to Hire Employees for Cultural Fit

By Roberta Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants

This does not mean to replicate yourself or another co-worker.  But, if dealing with a choice between a great skill set but doesn’t seem like a good fit with the rest of the team / department and someone who is a great match for the team / department and just needs training, choose the person who needs training.  You can always train someone with the skill set needed to perform the job, but you cannot make someone to be a good fit within the team / department.

Hiring for a Cultural Fit means that you are hiring a person that will follow and be able to acclimate to the company’s values and manners.  You will have a better chance of success in hiring the right person by utilizing the cultural fit rather than by job fit.

Hiring by Cultural Fit will ensure you are hiring the right person and not wasting time training or replacing someone because they were not a good “fit” with the team / department. Save time and finances by hiring smart the first time.

Benefits to Hiring for Cultural and Job Fit:

  • Faster to start really becoming a part of the team / department
  • Start contributing quicker than others
  • Happy in their roles
  • Stay longer on the job
  • Likely to stand out from the rest

Pitfalls of Hiring Using Only Skill Fit:

  • The employee does not fit in with the team / department
  • The employee will be displeased with their position
  • Will not follow the company’s values and behaviors
  • Quicker to resign or be terminated

7 Proven Steps to Hire for Cultural Fit:

  • Have a set of values and how to apply them to the position
  • Company values should be included on the company’s’ website
  • Make a reference to these values when advertising for the position
  • Be sure to discuss these values and cultural during the interview with all candidates
  • Questions should be asked that relate to these values
  • Have a firm orientation process that involves a cultural education about the company and/or team / department
  • After hiring a person, be sure to schedule a meeting with them after the 1st month of employment to discuss further and see how they are doing

In Conclusion

The above information has given you the tools needed to hire for cultural fit.  Using these steps and tactics before, during and after hiring a person, will help you to have a happier, more productive, more organized, an endorsement of your company’s values while having better employee longevity.

The company cultural of the company provides the team / department with direction, a common understanding of what is expected and becomes ‘the glue that binds the team’.