Common Motivators for Small Businesses

By Roberta M. Fisher, Gadd Business Consultants

All entrepreneurs go through many different emotions when contemplating starting up a new business.  You think you have what it takes to see it through starting up a thriving business while dealing with several emotions that can either help you stay focused or destroy all motivation for going on and seeing it through the challenges of a new business.

Why It Is Important – Try to slow your pace down and take it one step at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.   Identify your motivation for doing this before starting a business.  This will be something you can look back on to keep the momentum going and see you through the rough patches.  Take into consideration what the risks are and what you anticipate the payoffs to this venture will be.  Knowing this ahead of time will help you to stay focused and able to take on any issues that may arise.

Identify You Motivation – It not uncommon to be motivated by several emotions all at the same time.  Some of the common motivators can include:

Money:  Wealth, paying off bills or living better than you are now.

Society:  You want to solve a problem people are having or to improve the lives of many.

Family:  A business that one day can be passed onto you children or other family members.

Expectations: Is this about solving the needs of others or what people will think of you.

Consequences:  Your concerned of what may happen if you don’t start a business and become successful.

Pride:  Pride that you have in yourself and your work.

Passion:  The love for what you do will help you through the challenges.

Credibility:  Establish yourself as an expert in the field of your business.

Challenge: You enjoy having challenges that will increase your knowledge.

Using Your Motivation – Once you realize what motivates you, you will be ready and prepared to take on the challenges and difficult decisions that can occur when running a business.  Knowing what helps motivate you will give you the confidence you may lack in times of trouble and keep you focused on the goal.

Reference: by Alyssa Gregory,